Saturday, April 26, 2008

Easter Over-load

I actually drew this on Easter, but I waited the four weeks it states in the comic before I posted it. The idea behind this one came when we went to our friends place in Santa Barbara. We brought an 18count package of eggs to dye and they had bought a twelve count package to dye, so we had 30 dyed eggs. Our friend also told us a story about how her parents would hide the eggs every year but wouldn't find them all on that day, they would find them through out the next few months.


lly(A+Bi) said...

wow wow, we definitely made sure that we found all of the EGGS. My parents hid candy as well, though, and sometimes we would find easter candy laying around in drawers like...months later.
Actually when we went back to SJ after easter, we found some easter candy in the room we slept in.

Stacey said...

One easter we found all but one egg, and no one could remember where it was hidden. Cut to August, my mom had to tend to a family emergency, so the Relief Society came to clean the house.
And they found the egg.
And it was beyond spoiled.
And we were so excited they found it.
And it was so gross.

Sarah said...

Stacey you can't leave it at that. I need to know where the egg was found. You've piqued my interest, and now I'm going to do nothing but wonder about where that egg was hidden. Thanks.