Saturday, January 16, 2016

Penny Hockey

I took an old project from my junior high shop class, a penny hockey board, and wanted to see how I could update and outdo 12 year old me. The Basics for penny hockey is to take turns flicking a penny trying to score a goal with pegs in place as obstacles.
Here is the original board I made back many years ago. I didn't do any research of what a hockey rink actually looked like I just wanted to draw on it and play.

This is about the same size as the original but with more research and work put into it. I redesigned the peg layout and raised the sides so the penny doesn't flip off the board as much. (The dimensions of this board is 7 1/2" x 13")
The next few I made I changed the size to 10" x 20" along the scale of the olympic/international rink size for more surface area. I scaled down all of the dimensions from the international rink to make these as accurate as possible. I was also able to give enough space behind the goal pegs for the penny to pass behind them. Each of the logos are hand painted on. 

Since making these I have had many requests to make more. I am developing a more streamline process for making these. However if I were ever to sell them I would need to put a generic logo on center ice so as not to infringe upon trademarks.