Thursday, April 24, 2008


The story behind this comic comes from when Allison and I were driving around San Jose one time we saw this guy carrying his bike around. Allison with her window down not thinking just said "bikes are for riding." so not to look like the wimp who's woman yells things at people and just sit idly by, I thought fast and interjected the last phrase "dweedle-nose." At this point she just laughed at me for coming up with such a wussy put down.


lly(A+Bi) said...

Can't see it, try again

Sarah said...

If you must make comics about people in San Jose carrying things, then you need to make one about that guy Allison saw that day. The one that i wrote a short story about for class. I promise that if you say that to her she'll understand who I'm talking about. Heck you may know too.