Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Birthday Card for my Wife

I've stated in previous posts how I enjoy doing zany things for my wife for birthday or holiday cards. In doing this I have discovered that each holiday or birthday I have the need to outdo what I did the previous year. This process is starting to become a little crazy. Since I did a pop-up book last year, this year I had to top that. Not necessarily an easy task. So I thought what beats a book with moving pages? The answer, a moving image. So the day before her birthday, coincidently also the first day of spring break, I sat down drew some thumbnail sketches and then started to work on her card. A little over 6 hours later I had a rough 10 second animation. Now when I say a little over six hours I mean that collectively. I spent two hours in the morning on it then two hours while my daughter napped, and then two more after my wife went to bed.

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