Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Okay, so to try and hook you to this blog I decided to post two comics to start off so you can get a pretty good taste of funny. These happen to be two of my favorite strips.
This one came from having to explain a joke to someone, and I thought how much it kills the funny in a joke to have to explain it.
The idea behind this one came from when ever I go to a supermarket with all the "tricks" people have to see if fruit and vegetables are just right.


Brittany said...

Very good! I think I like the second one a little bit more but they are both pretty funny! I like your artistic style as well, keep up the good work!

Kyle Hansen said...

Good Job! The fruit one reminded me of Brandon and Olin. They heard that if you knock on a watermelon the sound tells you if it is ripe or not. So they went to the piano and tested a few to find out what note was the "ripe" sound.

Sarah said...

So the fruit one... you can see through the paper. Don't you have something better to do while in church than draw cartoons? Maybe pay attention or something? Just a suggestion.


Brittany said...

wow you have such an eye for detail sarah, very impressive!

Matt said...

So Tim, knowing that alot of your ideas come from real life experiences, who was the person on fire, you or a friend of yours?